What is biodynamic farming and gardening? (2018)



Overall cost: 
Grant sought: 


Why this project: 

One of the objectives of OTARE is to educate people about organic and bio-dynamic  agriculture. To that end, donations were received for a project to facilitate workshops, field days, briefings, seminars, symposia, and conferences.

Project goals: 

These events were organised for community groups in rural and urban Australia to communicate the positive outcomes that can be achieved by changing community attitudes and actions to improve our physical and social environment through biodynamic agriculture. These briefings were directed to the needs and objectives of each group including the agricultural, environmental, health, social and economic benefits of organic agriculture in general, and biodynamic agriculture in particular.

Project outcome: 

It is envisaged that a number of extension events will be held, including,

  • One-day field days
  • Two-day workshops
  • Two-day workshops
  • Home gardener workshops
People involved: 

The project will be carried out by Biodynamics 2024.

Proposed start: 
Late 2018
Proposed finish: 
End of 2019