Funding for research and education in organic agriculture has never been generous in Australia and is presently at an all-time low. The Organic Trust was set up to enable Australia to invest in scientific research and education in areas relevant to organic and bio-dynamic agriculture. As consumers and society in general seek improved health and environmental outcomes from the food system, the emphasis of research and education is increasing knowledge and awareness in these two areas. For details on research and education priorities, see Priorities for Research and Extension in Organic Agriculture in Australia.


The Organic Trust supports research specific to Australian agriculture, which recognises the unique climate and soils of Australia, and the need to develop markets for Australian farmers.

Education and extension

The Organic Trust supports the organic industry in accessing and making use of research results including research conducted in Australia, and that which is conducted overseas and is relevant to Australia. The Organic Trust facilitates information to the whole supply chain, including farmers, retailers, wholesalers, processors and consumers.

Links to worldwide research and education

A huge amount of research education in organic agriculture is being carried out in Australia and worldwide. You can find links to current issues here.