You may make a general donation to the Trust or donate for specific project types or specific projects.

Current and future projectsOverall costGrant soughtDonations so far
General donations  $0
Educators– general donations  $0
Charlie Arnott Regenerative Podcast $30,000 
Research and Education Grant$1,000$1,000$750
What is biodynamic farming and gardening? (2018)$7,000$7,000 
Total for present projects for Educators$8,000$38,000$750
Consumers – general donationsN/AN/A$50
Organics: compelling arguments$10,000$10,000$0
Retail organics and certification$30,000$30,000$0
Total for completed projects for Consumers$40,000$40,000$50
Producers – general donations  $241
Soil microbial diversity$150,000$10,000$0
Total for present projects for Producers$150,000$10,000$241
Traders – general donations  $0
Total for present projects for Traders  $0
Grand Total$198,000$88,000$1,041