Overall cost: $10,000

Grant sought: $10,000


Why this project:
To many people, reasons for growing and consuming organic food are not always clear. In the past, the Victorian Organic Industry Committee(VOICe), has produced documentation that described the benefits of organic agriculture, and summarised the information. This information is now a bit dated, and an update is needed to inform politicians, decision makers, and consumers.

Project goals:
To update and expand the evidence-based arguments of the VOICe project – ‘The Compelling Arguments for Organic Agriculture’.

Project outcome:
Paper with evidence-based information on organic agriculture – to be displayed on this website. This paper will then be used as background information to inform about the benefits of organic agriculture for promotional material such as website and brochures and to inform consumers about real organic produce.

People involved:
Liz Clay, Liza Oates, Andre Leu

Proposed start:

Proposed finish:
Mid 2018