Overall cost: $30,000

Grant sought: $30,000

Why this project:
There is no current retail level book that clearly explains what is organic, what are the benefits of organic farming for the environment and the benefits of organic food for consumers, and how certification works

Project goals:
The project aims to produce a reliable up to date publication available via organic retail outlets, bookshops, newsagents, organic organisations and website. It hopes to raise $30,000 to pay for design and layout, some photography and printing. Writing and editing and initial design will be donated by members of the Organic Consumers Association of Australia

Project outcome:
The project will result in a retail level publication, with associated web documents, that is up to date and clearly and truthfully represents current information of what is organic growing, processing and retailing, the science basis of organic production and the benefits of organic diets, and how certification works.

People involved:
The text and some photography will be produced as a donation from members of the Organic Consumers Association of Australia. The main writer will be Tim Marshall, chief editor is Jennifer Russell, artistic advisor and designer is Barry Ferrier and the project manager is Simon Jones.

Proposed start:
16 July 2021

Proposed finish:
December 2021

Project completed:
February 2022