R&D Levies for Organic Agriculture: 2015-16

Overall cost:$3,000

Grant sought:$3,000


Why this project:
Organic agricultural producers in Australia pay research and development (R&D) levies, as do conventional farmers. Yet, organic growers feel that R&D expenditure relevant to their farming methods is not equivalent to their contributions.

Project goals:
R&D levies paid by organic producers are estimated for 2010-11 and 2015-16.

Project outcome:
Report detailing R&D levies paid by organic producers in 2015-16.

People involved:
Dr Els Wynen, Agricultural Economist, Eco Landuse Systems.

Proposed start:
March 2019

Proposed finish:
October 2019

Project completed:
November 2019

Wynen, E. (2003), ‘Organic farming in Australia – research levies and expenditure’. RIRDC Project No:WYN-3A, RIRDC Publication No 03/002 (http://www.elspl.com.au/OrgAg//4-OA-Pubs/4-OA-Publications/Pub-D-ResPol/…).