The Regenerative Podcast

Grant sought:$30,000

Why this project:
Support a podcast created by a leading Australian regenerative farmer.

Project goals:
In each episode of the Regenerative Journey podcast Charlie takes the listener on his guest’s regenerative journey as he uncovers their inspirational stories, touching on topics including the regenerative agriculture definition, natural capital, the psychology of transitioning to regenerative farming practicesa and principles, and partnerng with Nature. The objective of interviewing the guest is to highlight the wide ranging and significant benefits of its adoption, not just for farming communities but also for anyone who eats food and cares for the planet.

Project outcome:
It is envisaged and has been the case to date based on the response to the previous 3 seasons of The Regenerative Journey, that listeners are inspired to seek further learning and understanding of the benefits of regenerative farming on human health and global environmental health via an appreciation, reconnections and practical relationship with Nature and ultimately themselves.

People involved:
Charlie Arnott

Proposed start:
September 2021

Proposed finish:
September 2022